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Koko´s Concept

As many of us agree, experiences are about traveling, meeting new people, making new friends, sharing stories, learning from other cultures with the purpose of finding your path, changing your way of thinking through knowledge, connecting with your inner self and recreating yourself daily.

We are life seekers just like you, and as such, through Kokopelli we give you that; it is a way of living, a lifestyle for travelers where we share our life knowledge with you. We believe experiences are the most important thing in today’s life, therefore we provide the best atmosphere for them to happen; during your stay you will have the opportunity to exchange and enjoy many incredible moments with other travelers connected through the vibe we attract.

Our hostels are located in the most awesome places of Peru: Lima, Paracas and Cusco, in buldings that are just as unique as we are, giving you the opportunity to experience each local culture while enjoying high quality service.

Home is not a place… it’s a feeling!

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Ca. San Andres 260, Cusco

(Between Calle Ayacucho & Quera)

+51 (8) 431 5224 (International)
084 315224 (Perú)
315224 (Local-Cusco)

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Ca. Berlin 259, Miraflores, Lima 18

(1 block from Kennedy Park)

+51 (1) 242 5665 (International)
01 2425665 (Perú)
2425665 (Local-Lima)

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Av. Paracas 128, Paracas

(15 minutes from Pisco)

+51 (5) 631 1824 (International)
056 311824 (Perú)
311824 (Local-Paracas)

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