By: Vanessa Sotillo On: 27/08/2019 In: Blog

A few months ago I had the opportunity to discover an amazing place in Ayacucho, Peru. He had already been to the city twice, and was going a third to help a friend cover an event. It was, investigating that I came across incredible photographs of a place with emerald waters, and in the middle of a huge canyon. ready The place is called Millpu, and until recently it was unknown to many travelers. On this trip, I took a few photos that were later shared by several instagram accounts and even on some web portals (Thanks @El Comercio for not putting me in the credits!).

So here I share, some tips to get to this beautiful place. The first thing you have to do is: Reach the city of Ayacucho: if you are a foreigner or a national tourist you must first arrive in this city. From Lima, you have two options: Plane: duration of 45 minutes and more expensive option (If you do not look for it in advance) Bus: duration of 10 hours. The passages range from 100 to 184 soles. The road is super quiet, until the entrance to the city and its thousand laps (who have already traveled to Ayacucho will know what I am talking about). Take a tour: Millpu is very far from Huamanga and the road lasts approximately 03 hours (per one-way leg). I advise to go with a tourism agency, you can find several options around the Plaza de Armas de Ayacucho. Offers range from 80 to 100 soles. Something you should take into account is: There are some agencies that lie and offer lunch within the package, but when you end up arriving in Millpu nobody knows anything. It happened to me that when I arrived, neither the guide gave me reason. What to have lunch? A delicious trout dish only 10 soles. After you leave the NPV you have approximately 30 minutes of walking (depending on your pace) to get to paradise. There are some accounts uploaded, but very manageable.

You do not need any experience to arrive. ready 2.jpg Notes: Take aquashoes. It is a bit painful to walk through the natural pools if you are barefoot. Take bath clothes and get mentalized! The water is not so freezing! Check the months in which the water is crystal clear. There is a time when the water is brown. You can check more photos in my instagram @claudizava See you soon travelers!